MCQs for the Final FRCA PDF

MCQs for the Final FRCA PDF

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All of these MCQ questions have been gleaned from candidates returning from the final examination for the FRCA London diploma over the last seven years. We have tried to include questions that appeared in more than one examination and topics that recur. There may be some variation from the wording of the actual questions that were set. Sometimes, a single part of the question has not been remembered exactly and a “best fit” has been included in its place.
The answers are the authors’ suggestions, with explanatory notes. The actual answer in the examination may be different.
Remember to always read the question carefully. Even questions that appear very familiar may have a hidden catch. When numbers appear, check the units and the position of decimal points.
As a rule, always take the obvious answer. Do not look for obscure reasons and do not try to be too clever. Answers that include always and never are usually false and may and can are often true.

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