McKinley Human Anatomy 5th Edition PDF

McKinley Human Anatomy 5th Edition PDF

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Human anatomy is a fascinating field that has many layers of complexity.
The subject is difficult to teach, and students can often be overwhelmed by its massive amount of material. Our goal in writing Human Anatomy was to create a textbook that guides students on a clearly written and expertly illustrated beginner’s path through the human body. For all five editions it has been of paramount importance to make this book enjoyable to read, easy to understand, pedagogically efficient, and visually engaging. The following pages highlight the enhancements we’ve made to the fifth edition, as well as the hallmark features that define this book.

New to the Fifth Edition

New research findings, shifting terminology, technological advancements, and the evolving needs of students and instructors in the classroom require textbook authors to continually monitor and revise their content. Throughout the fifth edition, changes have been made to incorporate the latest information, bring terminology up to date, and improve wording to make discussions easier for students to read and understand. Highlights of these revisions are as follows.

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