Masters The Boards Internal Medicine By Cornard Fischer 2nd Edition PDF

Masters The Boards Internal Medicine By Cornard Fischer

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Master the Boards: Internal Medicine is not a textbook-it is a review book: a review of the information that you need to know for this exam.
The layout is primarily presented as an outline, mostly with the use of short phrases either in paragraph form or in bulleted or numbered lists. Comparative material is presented in tables, and there are images that represent some of the issues discussed in the text. In each chapter, the emphasis is on presentation, etiology, diagnostic tests, and treatment. In addition, key words in making a diagnosis; major associations with the disease; and choosing the best initial test, the most accurate test, the best initial therapy, and the most effective therapy are covered. Tips and sidebars direct you to targeted information and can help you complete a brief final review prior to taking your exam.

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