Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia 7th Edition PDF

Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia 7th Edition PDF

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In the tradition of the first six editions, this seventh edition of the Manual of Pediatric Anesthesia is designed as a concise but comprehensive pocketbook guide to pediatric anesthesia practice. We are honored and excited to join with the Springer Publishing family of anesthesia texts to produce this latest edition. Since its inception, this has been a book to be carried in the pocket or available on the desk for handy reference. With this edition, Springer will add an online version for even easier immediate pocketsize reference.
The Manual outlines the important considerations when anesthetizing infants and children, describes management problems, and presents a course of action for treating many of your pediatric patients. Each chapter also directs you to further reading. For the resident in training, it provides a compact but comprehensive source of current information concerning pediatric anesthesia practice.
The three authors have a combined total of more than a century of clinical experience in providing perioperative care for children of all ages having all types of surgical procedures. In recent years, our practices have extended outside the operating room to care for children having a wide variety of medical and minor surgical procedures as well as to provide pain management throughout the hospital.
In preparing this edition of the Manual, we have compiled an evidence-based approach based on the literature and fused this with our own experiences to synthesize optimal clinical strategies for each scenario. The information presented has been reviewed by all three authors and a consensus reached on controversial topics. In many instances, we recommend a course of action for a given clinical situation. When we do this, it is based on what has worked well for us. However, we recognize that others may have different ideas, approaches, and constraints on their practices that may require them to adapt to ensure a successful outcome.

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