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Basic Techniques

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This book is a revised edition of the Manual of basic techniques for a health laboratory (WHO, 1980), major revisions having been carried out by Dr K. Engbaek, Dr C.C. Heuck and Mr A.H. Moody. The revision was necessary because of new procedures and technology that have been developed since the previous edition and that have proved to be useful to small laboratories in developing countries. The procedures have been included in the relevant sections of the manual, and some obsolete procedures have been replaced by more up-to-date techniques.
The original objective of the manual remains unchanged. It is intended mainly for the use of laboratory personnel in developing countries during their training and thereafter in their work. In the selection of techniques, particular attention has been paid to the low cost, reliability and simplicity of the methods and to the availability of resources in small laboratories.
WHO expresses its thanks to all those who have assisted in the revision of this manual.

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