Lange Basic Histology Flash Cards PDF

Lange Basic Histology Flash Cards PDF

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Flash cards summarizing basic information have proven to be an extremely effective tool for study and retention of knowledge in the biomedical sciences. The use of well-crafted flash cards, either as a guide in self-learning or as part of a partner or team-based approach to study, greatly facilitates active and efficient learning of basic concepts.
Lange Basic Histology Flash Cards offers a complete set of 200 cards that summarize fundamental points in every chapter in Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text & Atlas, 12th edition. One side of each card shows one or more color histologic images with key features marked for identification. The other side lists these structures and very concisely summarizes the Key Points to be learned regarding that tissue. Study of the characteristic features of each tissue and cell type, together with the Key Points one needs to know about those structures, provides an invaluable supplement to any textbook or lecture series presentation of histology. Each flash card also includes a brief Clinical Note, written to reinforce student understanding of that tissue’s function and to indicate at least one medical condition or disease involving the tissue. Finally, every flash card cites the pages in Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text & Atlas, 12th edition, where a more complete explanation of that card’s topic is provided.
Since its inception, Junqueira’s Basic Histology: Text & Atlas has set the standard for a concise yet thorough presentation of tissue structure and function for students in the health professions and advanced undergraduates. Similarly, the various series of board reviews and study guides also published by McGraw-Hill/Lange, all written by medical educators with many years of teaching experience, are recognized as leading resources for student review and exam preparation. To this legacy of biomedical sciences learning resources from McGraw- Hill/Lange can now be added the new Lange Basic Histology Flash Cards. We are confident that users will find this new study aid a highly valuable, high-yield guide in their progress through basic histology.

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