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Chinese Materia Medica

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This is the third of a 7-volume set encompassing all essential elements of Tcm – ranging from Basic Theory, Diagnosis and Prescription to Chinese Materia Medica, Tui Na and Acupuncture. This book aims to provide readers with adequate knowledge for clinical application of Chinese medicine, which is in line with the fundamental principle of “correspondence of Chinese medicinals and patterns.” It contains a brief introduction to relative theories, divides these medicinals by actions into categories such as exterior-releasing, heat-clearing, purgative, dampness-dispelling, fluid retention-disinhibiting, interiorwarming, qi-regulating, blood-invigorating, blood-stanching, food accumulationrelieving, phlegm, cough- and wheezing-arresting, mind-tranquilizing, liver-calming, orifices-opening, tonifying, astringing, and worm-dispelling, and elaborates each herb in terms of its actions, quality, indications, usage, and dosage. Furthermore, mnemonics and simple and effective formulas are included to help readers effectively grasp the concepts behind practical applications, and precautions and daily practices are specifically designed to support readers in easily understanding and retaining the information.

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