Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Volume 2 PDF – Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Volume 2 PDF

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Have you heard your heart beat or felt your pulse? Have you ever blown up a balloon or had your milk “go down the wrong way”? Do you have any idea why people sneeze or cough?
Do you have a friend with asthma? Do you know what a heart attack is? Has someone in your family had heart surgery? Have you wondered how CPR works? Wouldn’t it be great to know these things?
The purpose of this book is to explain how God’s amazing designs enable your heart and lungs to move blood and oxygen around in your body for a lifetime. Once you understand how these systems work, you’ll be able to understand many of the things that go wrong with them and the things you can do to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

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