Interpreting Chest X-Rays – Cambridge PDF

Interpreting Chest X-Rays

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This book arose because of the huge amounts of clinical material that pass through the Singapore General Hospital, the largest tertiary care hospital in Singapore. A significant proportion of our patients come to us for a second opinion from the neighboring countries. Often they come to consult us for an abnormality on a chest radiograph. Pulmonary Medicine is largely based on the strong foundation of the plain chest radiograph. Indeed, chest radiography is the single most common investigation carried out in hospital practice. This book is targeted towards final year medical students and residents in a medical training program. We have given countless tutorials to generations of medical students, residents, and fellows and
we hope that this collection of pearls can help make the learning process easier, more enjoyable, and less painful.
Readers are advised to read this book from cover to cover as the cases are laid out in an increasing order of complexity. The latter cases assume some fundamental knowledge which is laid out in the earlier cases. The authors have intentionally made the cases as clinically relevant as possible so that interest is sustained and the book will not be heavy going.

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