Immunology Lecture Notes 6th Edition PDF

Immunology Lecture Notes 6th Edition PDF

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The first edition of Lecture Notes: Immunology that was published in 1987 was conceived and written by Professor Gordon Reeves to provide an introduction to immunology and show its relevance to students of medicine and biology in a straightforward and comprehensible way, avoiding unnecessary detail and jargon. These principles were maintained in successive editions, while updating the text to take account of advances that clarified understanding of the immune system and the application of this knowledge to medicine. The same criteria have been applied in formulating this sixth edition of Lecture Notes: Immunology.
Several new features of this edition have been introduced to help maximize the reader’s acquisition of knowledge and understanding from the text. There are Key Objectives at the start of each chapter that focus on the learning outcomes of the chapter and that complement the updated Key Points that act as a succinct summary at the end of each chapter. There are self-assessment questions of various formats based on each chapter of the book (with the answers provided separately!) to enable students to test their knowledge. A new frontispiece provides an updated overview of the regulation and roles of the cells and molecules of the immune system in relation to the defence of the body against different categories of infective agents. Several chapters have been reworked and realigned to help the reader appreciate the links between different strands of immunological knowledge: in particular, Chapter 2 (Immune recognition) includes a new section on the recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns; Chapter 11 covers both primary and secondary immunodeficiency disorders; and Chapter 12 (The generation of tissue damaging responses) covers the concepts, susceptibility factors and triggers of immune-mediated tissue damage. The content has been updated throughout to incorporate important new knowledge and concepts that aid basic understanding of the immune system and immunopathology. New diagrams and tables have been added to complement the updated text. The addition of colour makes the diagrams more readily comprehensible, as well as more aesthetically pleasing!

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