Human Papillomavirus Infections PDF – From the Laboratory to Clinical Practice

Human Papillomavirus Infections PDF

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common causes of sexually transmitted diseases worldwide, both in men and women. Human papillomavirus infections provides the scientific background needed to understand the natural history and pathogenesis of HPV infection and offers discussion of its clinical features, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. The book begins with chapters covering the epidemiology, virology, history and transmission of the infection, as well as its pathogenesis and clinical features. Following a discussion of the relationship between HPV and cancer, chapters in the second half of the book look at diagnosis, testing and treatment. The book concludes with detailed coverage of the prevention of HPV through worldwide vaccination programmes.

Covers all the important issues relating to both male and female HPV infection
Provides overview of the current knowledge about epidemiology, basic virology, pathogenesis and diagnosis methods
Explores the relationship between HPV and cancer

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