High Yield Systems Gastrointestinal Tract PDF

High Yield Systems Gastrointestinal Tract PDF

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A Focused Curriculum is a curriculum in which students are immersed in one basic science discipline (e.g., Histology) for a concentrated period of time when Histology is covered from A to Z. A Systems-based Curriculum is a curriculum wherein students are immersed in one system (e.g., urinary system) for a concentrated period of time when all basic science disciplines of the Urinary system are covered (e.g., Embryology, Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology, and so forth).
The High-Yield Systems series addresses a problem endemic to medical schools in the United States and medical students using a Focused Curriculum. After completing a Focused Curriculum, the medical student is faced with the daunting task of integrating and collating all the basic science knowledge accrued from the Focused Curriculum into the various systems. For example, a medical student wanting to review everything about the kidney will find the information scattered in his or her embryology notes, histology notes, physiology notes, pharmacology notes, and so forth. The High-Yield Systems series eliminates this daunting task for the medical student by bringing together the embryology, gross anatomy, radiology, histology, physiology, microbiology, and pharmacology of the kidney all in one clear concise book.

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