Harrisons Manual of Oncology PDF

Harrisons Manual of Oncology PDF

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Our intent in writing this book is to provide a concise, straightforward, and well-referenced manual about cancer chemotherapy and biotherapy and to place in context the role of such drugs in the treatment of specific malignant diseases. Further, we offer a condensed version in PDA form for rapid reference on the ward and in the clinic. As physicians actively involved in teaching and patient care, we appreciate the challenge of providing a readily digestible resource for young physicians confronted with a patient with a challenging disease and potentially fatal disease. We have conceived and written this text with the help of our colleagues at the Massachusetts General Hospital and elsewhere, and have intended that it should be particularly useful for a resident training in internal medicine, surgery, or radiation therapy, as well as for cancer subspecialty trainees and practicing clinicians. We have attempted to provide relatively complete information on both diseases and drugs, and on the important underlying rationale for the use of specific therapies in subsets of patients. As a companion to Harrison’s Textbook of Internal Medicine, this manual is intended to provide expanded and more detailed coverage of the management of malignant tumors, with a particular emphasis on their treatment with chemotherapy, targeted drugs, and hormonal therapy.
Because of the rapid advance of research in cancer biology and treatment, it is impossible for a book to keep pace with all current developments; thus a text such as this must be complemented by the most recent literature and even meeting reports, which are usually available on the internet. We also intend to revise and update the book and its PDA instrument at regular intervals. Please let us know of your reaction to the book and its PDA, and offer any suggestions for their improvement by sending an e-mail to medicine@mcgraw-hill.com. Our hope is that the manual and PDA will expedite and improve our ability to care for patients with cancer.

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