Handbook of MRI Technique 4th Edition PDF

Handbook of MRI Technique 4th Edition PDF

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The Handbook of MRI Technique is now an established text for many MRI practitioners around the world. MRI in Practice (also published by Wiley Blackwell) provides radiographers and radiologists with a user-friendly approach to MRI theory and how it may be applied in practice. The book is intended to guide the uninitiated through scanning techniques and protocols and to help more experienced practitioners improve image quality and recognize and rectify common artefacts. In many countries, a lack of educational facilities and funding, as well as the complex nature of the subject, has resulted in practitioners experiencing difficulty in learning MRI techniques. The book has filled this gap and has proven to be a useful clinical text. In this, the fourth edition, it has been my intention to continue with the objectives of previous editions but update the reader on recent advances. Experienced MRI practitioners from the United Kingdom, United States and Europe have made important contributions to reflect these advances and their practice.
The book is split into two parts. Part 1 summarizes the main aspects of theory that relate to scanning and also includes practical tips on equipment use, patient care and safety, and information on contrast media. Part 2 includes a step-by-step guide to examining each anatomical area. It covers most of the techniques commonly used in MRI. Under each examination area, categories such as indications, patient positioning, equipment, suggested protocols, common artefacts and tips on optimizing image quality are included. Guidance on technique and contrast usage is also provided. Each section also includes key facts, and the basic anatomy section has been improved with the inclusion of sophisticated computer-generated diagrams. The accompanying web site consists of multiple-choice questions and image flash cards to enable readers to test their knowledge.
The book provides a guide to the operation of MR systems to enhance the education of MR users. It is not intended to be a clinical book as there are plenty of clinical specialist books on the market. Therefore diagrams and images focus intentionally on scan planes, slice prescriptions and sequencing to reflect the technical thrust of the book. This edition should continue to be especially beneficial to those technologists studying for board certification or postgraduate and MSc courses, as well as to assistant practitioners, radiographers and radiologists who wish to further their knowledge of MRI techniques. The contributing authors and I hope that it continues to achieve these goals.

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