Haematology Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

Haematology Lecture Notes 9th Edition PDF

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Th e science and practice of haematology continue to advance at an extraordinary rate. At the same time, the volume of data that medical students are required to assimilate across all disciplines continues to expand. Th erefore, our aim in revising the text of Lecture Notes in Haematology was to provide a comprehensive overview of this diverse subject in a way that promotes understanding of pathophysiological concepts, while highlighting the most up-to-date aspects of clinical practice. Further, to enhance active learning, we have also provided a companion website with self-test multiple-choice questions and explanations.
Dr Sunil Wickramasinghe was actively involved in Lecture Notes from its inception in the 1970s until the eighth edition. His tragically premature death in 2009 deprives us of a senior author and highly valued colleague. His contribution has been greatly missed.
We have been fortunate in having the help of many of our clinical colleagues for this edition: special thanks are due to Dr Karthik Ramasamy and Dr Adam Mead, both of Oxford University Hospitals, for kindly reviewing the chapters on myeloma and myeloid malignancies respectively. As in previous editions, we also express our thanks to Professor Kevin Gatter of the Nuffield Department of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences, University of Oxford, for generously providing many of the photomicrographs used in this text.

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lecture notes haematology 9th edition pdf