A Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital 5th Edition PDF

A Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital

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The latest 5th edition of A Guide to Infection Control in the Hospital is now available. This handy pocket-sized manual contains 60 chapters that explain key principles and guidelines for reducing the rate of nosocomial infections and practical measures intended to improve quality of care, minimize risk, save lives, and reduce costs.

In developed countries, anywhere from 5 to 10% of patients admitted to acute care hospitals acquire an infection which was not present or incubating on admission. The attack rate for developing countries can exceed 25%.

Because the illnesses, deaths, and added costs related to nosocomial infections, the field of infection control has grown in importance over the last 30 years. Although estimates vary regarding the proportion of nosocomial infections which are preventable, it may be as high as 20% in developed countries and as high as 40% or more in developing countries. Furthermore, in developed countries 5 to 10% of infections acquired in the hospital occur as part of an epidemic or cluster. The figure is larger for developing countries.

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