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In this second edition of the Guide certain dissecting instructions have been revised to increase clarity. The text, too, has been carefully gone through and improved by making it more compatible with a range of requirements of various anatomy courses. The terminology has been checked and brought up-to-date according to the most recent version (1998) of the Terminologia Anatomica.
The major aim of the Guide remains to provide a well-rounded dissecting manual that reinforces, but does not replace, a textbook of human anatomy. The details of human anatomy covered here are of interest and importance primarily in a medical context. To this end the Guide has been designed for medical, dental, osteopathy and physiotherapy students, and for those students studying alternative medicine where dissection of the human body is required. It has also been planned for those postgraduate students who are proceeding to specialize in the various clinical (surgical, radiological, emergency medical, gynaecological) sciences and who need to revise their anatomical knowledge through dissection.
Again it gives me great pleasure to thank Professor Colin Wendell Smith, University of Tasmania, for his advice on the latest anatomical terms and Professor Charles Oxnard, University of Western Australia, for his helpful comments and practical suggestions. I also wish to thank Associate Professor Colin Hinrichsen, University of Tasmania, Dr Patricia P. H. Chow-Cheong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Dr O Wai-sum, University of Hong Kong, for their comments and interest in the Guide. At the same time I wish to thank my students for their constructive comments.

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