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Geriatric Emergent

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Fast-track medical settings call for‚ Äúat-your-fingertips‚ Äù information. Here is an easy-to-use, quick-reference guide for nurse practitioners and other health care providers in emergency, medical, screening, fast track, and/or primary care settings with family patients. In a concise, optimally organized format that includes current, evidence-based guidelines, the resource delivers a wealth of information for assessment and management of the most commonly encountered problems in these settings.
Concise yet packed with crucial knowledge, The Pocket NP is arranged in a logical head-to-toe format that includes the history and physical examination and essential medical decision-making considerations. The material is organized in a true rapid access format, with salient information presented for maximum efficiency and speed of retrieval. A variety of templates for dictation/documentation are provided to assist the clinician with the development of a concise and logical patient record. These templates can be mixed and matched as needed and, using a specific template for focused patient problems (e.g., knee pain), will facilitate assessment fine tuning. Also included are frequently used illustrations for anatomical records as well as templates to assist in identification of normal and abnormal presentations. Additional helpful features include‚ ÄúTips‚ Äù and‚ ÄúDon‚ Äôt Miss‚ Äù boxes with bullet points of critical information, a rapid‚ Äúre view of systems, Äù billing information, and a dedicated page for NP‚ Äú Survival Information‚ Äù and notes.

Key Features:

Provides ultra-quick access to patient treatment information
Offers easy-to-use framework for quickly locating critical information
Presents templates for identifying normal and abnormal presentations
Contains a rapid‚ Äúre view of systems‚ Äù
Delivers content in head-to-toe format
Includes‚ ÄúTips‚ Äù and‚ ÄúDon‚ Äôt Miss‚ Äù boxes with bullet points of critical information

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