Fundamentals Of Cardiology For The USMLE And General Medics 2015 PDF

Fundamentals Of Cardiology For The USMLE And General Medics

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This book mainly focuses on fundamental clinical concepts of “USMLE step 1-2-3” and “ABIM” exam, that serve as a nidus for your future clinical practice.
Book begins with basic “Step 1” concept of anatomy and physiology that will be helpful to any new learner. Students appearing for Step 1 or NCLEX or other basic exams can skip the investigation and management topics from pathology section.
After reviewing preclinical stuffs, there is a brief description of “cardiovascular medicine” that systematically describes cause, mechanism, clinical association, investigation of choice and primary managements that will play a vital role for your Step 2-3, IM/FM board exam prep or day to day practice.
Most of the investigation and managements are referred and shortened in 1-2 lines from reputed cardiology resources like AHA, AMA, Medscape, JACC, NCBI, Pubmed and so on. As this book is not for cardiologist, all contents are selected accordingly to make this book an easy learning guide for med students, interns, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
Meanwhile, you can also read related contents via our “THUNDERNOTES” that are present at the end of particular topic. At the end, I had provided short summary of “Step 1” cardiac pharmacology that describes each drug with its mechanism and common side effects.

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