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Anatomy is a core fundamental to the practice of radiology. A thorough knowledge of anatomy is the key to describing the site of disease or abnormality, and often in understanding a disease process and its complications. When I commenced my radiology training in 2002, anatomy had been removed from the FRCR Part 1 syllabus. Although its exclusion from the syllabus seemed slightly odd at the time, it did mean less revision and one less thing to fail. In the end, I never did avoid that exam in anatomy. Perhaps appealing to their sadistic instincts, my trainers still subjected us to an ‘old style’ Part 1 examination at the end of our first year. Looking back, this was certainly of no detriment to my training or subsequent working career.
Anatomy now makes a return to the Part 1 examination. I have been fortunate to have been involved with this book. The author has made great efforts to provide you with variation between the papers, with both straightforward and more challenging questions. To ensure clarity and accuracy, the papers have been prepared meticulously with input from those who have sat the new examination and tested out on other trainees.
In helping with the preparation of this book, I have found the questions outside my subspecialty interest both challenging and a source of revision. I am therefore confident that, for the intended audience, it will prove to be a useful resource to tighten up areas of weakness and encourage further reading around the answer.

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