Fetal Cardiology Simplified PDF – A Practical Manual

Fetal Cardiology Simplified PDF


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This handbook is designed to be an aid to those involved in the detection, diagnosis and management of fetal heart abnormalities. This will include obstetric sonographers, obstetricians, fetal medicine specialists, cardiac technicians/physiologists and paediatric cardiologists training in fetal cardiology, as well as paediatric cardiology consultants with less experience of fetal cardiology. This book will also be useful as a teaching tool for anyone involved in scanning the fetal heart.
It is assumed that the reader will be familiar with scanning the fetus and the fetal heart and it is not the aim of this book to teach the practicalities of fetal cardiac scanning, as there are many publications already available to help with this. The purpose of this book is to help interpret cardiac findings and aid in making a correct cardiac diagnosis. The focus of this book is on structural cardiac malformations, though a section on arrhythmias is also included. It is envisaged that many of those using this manual will not have a background in paediatric cardiology. For this reason, the abnormalities have been grouped depending on whether the four-chamber view is likely to be abnormal or not. However, paediatric cardiologists will examine the heart by initially examining the cardiac connections and then looking for further associated abnormalities. This concept has been maintained, both in descriptions of the normal heart and in discussions of abnormal heart anatomy.

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