Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology 3rd Edition PDF – A Clinical Approach

Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology 3rd Edition PDF

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The central purpose of this textbook is to educate students in the dental professions with an explanation of the structures related to histology of the masticatory apparatus. The fields of head and neck embryology and histology are of utmost importance in the study of dental practice and dental hygiene. Oral histology is paramount to the understanding of dental pathology, so connecting these fields of study provides an explanation for the cause-and-effect nature ofdental conditions and resulting treatment choices. To undertake the best treatment for the patient, one must first understand what is normal to gain better awareness of the abnormal.
The third edition of Essentials of Oral Histolog;y and Embryolog;y: A Clinical Approach is therefore designed as the basic science information text to help in the comprehension of the microscopic anatomy of the oral and facial tissues. Chapter 2 of this edition, “Structure and Function of Cells, Tissues, and Organs,” has been especially revised to provide more essential information about these building blocks ofthe body’s systems. Other areas of the book, including Suggested Reading and Self-Evaluation Questions at the end of each chapter, have been updated with new information. As with previous editions ofthe text, an effort has been made to position explanatory diagrams and illustrations as close as possible to their accompanying textual descriptions. In addition, most illustrations are now presented in color to enable students to better correlate structure with function by observing histology as they would view it in reality. We believe that the use ofso many detailed photographs, drawings, and diagrams will allow a greater ease in understanding the numerous theoretical and clinical concepts presented here.
Another key to learning the content of this text effectively is possessing a thorough grasp of the sometimes complicated terminology used in the fields of histology, embryology, and oral anatomy. The third edition now includes a list of Learning Objectives and Key Terms at the beginning of each chapter. Learning Objectives list the main ideas discussed in each chapter and what the student can be expected to know by reading its content, thus allowing readers and instructors to set goals for comprehension and engage in more directed learning at the outset of the chapter. The Key Terms are listed alphabetically and are then bolded where they are discussed in the text, where the reader will find a contextual explanation of that term. The Glossary at the end of the book provides definitions for these key terms that will allow students to use them in their clinical vocabulary with confidence.
Special features such as the Consider the Patient boxes and Clinical Comment boxes are continued in this edition. Consider the Patient boxes demonstrate the applicability of the book’s concepts by presenting the reader with situations and patient questions relevant to the current chapter discussion that could occur in clinical practice. Each box has a coordinating Discussion box at the end of the chapter that provides common answers to the questions or possible recommendations and explanations for certain conditions, thereby preparing students for how they would respond to similar situations in real life and opening the door to further discussion ofother possible solutions. Additional Clinical Comment boxes placed throughout this edition offer clinical tips and notes of interest pertaining to chapter content.

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