Essentials of Environmental Epidemiology for Health Protection PDF – A Handbook for Field Professionals

Essentials of Environmental Epidemiology for Health Protection PDF

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The establishment of the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency (HPA) in 2003 created a new focus for skills development and training in environmental public health. At that time, most postgraduate courses in public health were generic in nature, and did not necessarily provide the depth of specialist environmental public health knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for HPA staff to fulfil their roles in advising and supporting local authorities, the UK National Health Service, the emergency services, and other agencies. The HPA will become Public Health England (PHE) in April 2013 where these knowledge, skills, and competencies will continue to be needed.
There is also a continuing need for specialist training in environmental public health for staff in other agencies, including local authority environmental health practitioners and emergency planning officers. This should comprise a comprehensive and structured national approach to education and training, within the framework of continuing professional development and a national scheme of accredited master’s level modules and programmes in health protection.
Spiby (2006) developed a model of core competencies required of those working in environmental public health that reflected the need for a ‘coming together of the knowledge and skills base of environmental science, public health, clinical toxicology and environmental epidemiology’.

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