Essentials of Clinical Cardiology 1st Edition PDF

Essentials of Clinical Cardiology 1st Edition PDF


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This book is written for medical students, interns and residents. It is not a textbook. I have purposely written it in an informal, conversational language avoiding the staid, starch-like formality and dry monotone of standard professional journals and books. I have avoided the epidemiology, population studies and complex jargon. Details of electrophysiology and interventional cardiology are beyond the scope of this book. Readers can easily retrieve this information elsewhere. Attempt has been made to keep the language simple and easy to understand. Emphasis is placed where I feel necessary so that a student realizes the gravity of a given statement. It encapsulates my clinical experience and is written with a clinician’s vantage point.
Discipline of cardiovascular medicine is difficult and demanding. Understanding of basic principles is very essential because so much depend on this. Some old therapies and concepts are excluded so as not to dilute the message.

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