Essential Procedures for Practitioners in Emergency Urgent and primary Care Settings 2nd Edition PDF

Essential Procedures for Practitioners in Emergency

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Welcome to the only book of procedures for practitioners in emergency, urgent, and primary care settings. The intention of this book is to aid the practitioner (advanced practice nurse and physician assistant) and student in performing common procedures in these settings. It is meant to be a clinical companion that is easy to understand and follow.
This book has been prepared by clinical experts with numerous years of experience in both academic and clinical arenas of their respective fields. Using the most up-to-date literature as well as experience-based pearls of practice, we have organized this book to be user friendly and broad-based. As busy clinicians, we all understand the time constraints and need for a well-organized and simplified procedural book.
The book is divided into 14 units covering the spectrum of common procedures performed by practitioners in the emergency, urgent, and primary care settings. This collection of thoroughly described procedures is intended for use as a clinical companion and is an easy-to-use reference when performing such techniques. Current evidence-based literature has been used during the writing of this book. For ease of reading, all references are noted at the end of each chapter.
Chapters are organized in a format describing the background, including pathophysiology, of particular disorders requiring the procedure to be performed. Current treatments along with the actual procedures are outlined in each chapter. It is the intent of the authors to purposely describe in some detail the disease process for a better understanding of the indication and performance of the procedure.

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