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Essential Biochemistry

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To the uninitiated, biochemistry is a complex and intricate subject, but importantly it is a subject that underpins the biosciences, including medicine. As a university lecturer, and by training a biochemist, I have taught my subject to both ‘my own’ students, and to those on allied degree schemes and pre-clinical medicine. Of course, the lines so conveniently drawn (for teaching purposes) between the different bio-disciplines are very artificial; there is far more commonality than difference between these subjects. As a biochemist I am pleased to see the subject have such eminence, and rightly so, but at the same time it should not be delivered as a fate accompli, but rather as an aid to understand and clarify, a foundation to build upon and allow explanation. When I set out to write this book, it was not my intention to write a ‘biochemistry’ text, nor a ‘medical’ text, but rather something that provided a more complete picture. This is not meant to be a reference work, but rather a companion, and hopefully one that accurately reflects the type, depth and amount of biochemistry that is appropriate for medical and biomedical undergraduate students alike.
Essential Biochemistry for Medicine should provide a useful and helpful supplement to lectures and workshops, a biochemical–physiological–medical continuum, full of numerous medical examples, additional factual material and FOCUS sections on some favourite medical topics. I have tried to keep the book simply presented but packed with information, and it contains a full index to aid quick navigation. Indeed, it may be the only biochemistry book you need.

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