Dissection Manual for Dental Students PDF

Dissection Manual for Dental Students PDF

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Anatomy is the study of structure of the human body. The gross anatomy describes the structures as they are seen in the body. To study them, dissections are performed on the cadaver.
Human anatomy conventionally is studied as regional anatomy. The body is divided into six to seven regions and the structures located in a particular region are described in dissection manuals and standard textbooks.
The dissection manual is a practical guide in the dissection hall to unfold the position, relations and functions of the structures seen. This book is aimed at students pursuing dental course. They need to do dissections of Head and Neck and Brain. All other important organs are expected to be studied from the dissected body.
Knowledge of the basic architecture of the body is an essentiality to understand the structure of any region. So, an introductory chapter is given here along with notes on how to perform dissection.
Chapter on Head and Neck starts with an introductory note. This gives an outline of arrangement of structures in that part and their functional specialization. This is followed by smaller segments of dissection regions. Each region describes the structures seen in that particular region with a pictorial depiction. This carries information needed to identify the structures.
Chapter on Central Nervous System (CNS) gives a detailed dissection and description of the concerned parts. Knowledge of the CNS is very much essential for any doctor treating the patients.
Dental students can collaborate with the medical students in removing the spinal cord. Living and surface anatomy is incorporated at places to make the student understand the correlation between the structures that are seen in the cadaver and the functions they perform in the living.
This book is aimed at undergraduate student. After seeing and identifying the structures, they are expected to read the details from a standard textbook.

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