Diagnostic Imaging Head and Neck 2nd Edition PDF

Diagnostic Imaging Head and Neck 2nd Edition PDF

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This stunning (if we do say so ourselves) 2nd edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Head and Neck represents the most comprehensive single volume textbook in the field of Head and Neck Imaging today. As you might expect there are many new and exciting features in the second edition. We’ve improved but kept the basic layout so that the same information is in the same place—every time, in every chapter. We’ve added 120 new diagnoses, 2500 new images, and 300 of our signature color graphics. The references have all been updated to within a few weeks of publication.
What else makes the second edition significantly different? The most important new feature are the 23 new prose introductions at the front of each of the book’s sections. The goal of these introductions is to guide the reader through the relevant anatomy and approaches to imaging issues in each area of the head and neck. Another key update comes from the fact that in each of the diagnosis chapters virtually all of the gallery images have been replaced with newer, more advanced imaging examples of each diagnosis. As there were no eBook images in the first edition, the 1700 images in the eBook galleries give a rich additional perspective for each diagnosis chapter.
On a global content level, the 2nd edition of Diagnostic Imaging: Head and Neck now contains an all new 24-chapter “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” section that follows the same primary site organization (pharynx, oral cavity, and larynx) of the American Joint Committee on Cancer. A second brand new area in the book is the 27-chapter “Pediatric & Syndromic Diseases” section.

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