Diagnostic Imaging 7th Edition PDF

Diagnostic Imaging 7th Edition PDF

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Medical imaging is central to many aspects of patient management. Medical students and junior doctors can be forgiven their bewilderment when faced with the daunting array of information which goes under the heading ‘Diagnostic imaging’. Plain film examinations remain the most frequently requested imaging investigations that nonradiologists may be called on to interpret and we continue to give them due emphasis. However, the use of crosssectional imaging techniques continues to increase and, in some situations, has taken over from the plain film. The growing use of ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radionuclide imaging, including positron emission tomography (PET), and interventional radiology is reflected in the new edition.
With the widespread availability of most of the various imaging techniques, there are often several ways of investigating the same condition. We have avoided being too prescriptive as practice varies depending on the available equipment as well as the preferences of the clinicians and radiologists. It is important, however, to appreciate not only the advantages but also the limitations of modern medical imaging.
We have continued to try to meet the needs of the medical student and doctors in training by explaining the techniques used in diagnostic imaging and the indications for their use. We aim to help the reader understand the principles of interpretation of imaging investigations. New for this edition is the availability of online material, including multiple choice questions for each chapter, allowing readers to test their knowledge.
It is beyond the scope of a small book such as this one to describe fully the pathology responsible for the various imaging appearances and the role of imaging in clinical management. Consequently, we encourage our readers to study this book in association with the study of these other subjects.

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