Dermatology Lecture Notes 10th Edition PDF

Dermatology Lecture Notes 10th Edition PDF

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In this, the tenth edition of Lecture Notes: Dermatology , we have updated the text, focusing on recent advances in the knowledge of skin diseases and their treatment. We have also asked a junior doctor working in an acute hospital in the UK to help us add a new chapter on dermatological emergencies.
Numerous tables of salient points provide ready reference but, as in previous editions, we have attempted to create a ‘ user – friendly ’ readability.
We hope that the book will be of value not only to medical students, but also to general practitioners, and nurses involved in the care of dermatology patients. We also hope that exposure to Lecture Notes: Dermatology will stimulate a deeper interest in this important medical specialty.

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lecture notes dermatology 10th edition pdf
lecture notes dermatology 10th edition


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