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The pace of scientific life continues to speed up considerably due to the fl ow of data being faster than ever. In my previous Springer Brief’s preface, I mentioned the groundbreaking discovery that neutrinos have been shown to exist at speeds faster than that of light. However, only a few months after this, the discovery team debunked their data by announcing that a loose fiber optic cable had introduced a delay in their timing system which explained the effect. Now a new subatomic particle consistent with the long-sought Higgs Boson has been discovered, despite the conservative approaches of many physicists.
Unfortunately, only those in the fi eld commonly recognize key discoveries in cell biology. One of the unexpected discoveries in stem cell biology is induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC), which shifted the long-held paradigms of biology to a new dimension. There are many more such discoveries in biology that have been published in high-impact journals without any discernible effect on society at all, even temporarily. For example, it has been shown that plant miRNAs could migrate into a host’s blood and tissues via the normal intake of food. Eating “material” might mean eating the “information,” which supports epigenetic regulation concepts. Moreover, stem cell fates are starting to be understood with the aid of nonlinear dynamics: mathematics is now working hand in hand with cell biology. These and many other discoveries have not attracted the importance they well deserve in wider society.
Media coverage referencing stem cell research and development is increasing rapidly to the extent that hardly a day goes by without hot-topic news items about them. This unfortunately also makes it very hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Creating bio-organs and almost magical possibilities to cure cancer and other critical diseases are featured regularly in the daily news. Likewise, for many dental practitioners, their wildest dream now is to build a new bio-tooth, aided by the magic of stem cells. Whether dental stem cells have any ability at all to generate a tooth now or in the future is not the main concern of this book. Rather, I am inviting the readers to understand that there are still many challenges waiting in the shadows of the dental stem cell field. For example, that dental pulp-stem cells are not mesenchymal, but mesectodermal stem cells.

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