Dental Operating Room Assistant PDF

Dental Operating Room Assistant

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Coloring the body and its systems is the most powerful and effective way to study the structure and functions of human anatomy. Kaplan’s Anatomy Coloring Book, Fifth Edition, presents elegant, detailed illustrations of the anatomical systems of the body, plus a unique tear-out muscle flashcard section for portable study. Realistic drawings accurately depict the human body and its three-dimensional anatomical relationships, while clear descriptive text highlights essential anatomical terms. Now with updated terminology reflecting modern practice, Kaplan’s Anatomy Coloring Book, Fifth Edition, is the easiest way to learn human anatomy!

450+ detailed, realistic medical illustrations, including microscopic views of cells and tissues
A clear descriptive overview of each illustration, with major features in boldface
Fill-in-the blank exercises for each illustration, accompanied by convenient bottom-of-the-page answer keys
15 chapters covering the major body systems, plus physiological information on cells, tissues, muscles, and development
96 perforated, flashcard-format illustrations of muscles to color and study on-the-go
Clear instructions for best coloring results

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