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Dental Materials

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Every effort was made to provide good coverage of each important and significant area of dental materials science in the First Edition. Since then, dental materials science has advanced and it became clear that a completely revised and greatly expanded second edition was necessary. Inevitably in this new edition, certain subjects have not been covered in depth and still others probably have not been discussed in the detail that many specialists might wish. Nevertheless, the essentials have been treated concisely and as completely as possible within a tight framework.
It must be stressed that the reader should understand that the coverage provided here cannot hope to rival that of the much larger and comprehensive standard texts in the field. Accordingly, the reader is encouraged to consult these texts, listed here, when there is a need for more detailed discussion and explanation.
Finally, this book is not intended to replace lectures and formal course work but rather to function as a concise guide and expanded revision notes to the large, complex, and continuously developing field of dental biomaterials science. Mention of standards and specifications has been made at various times and these are references to ADA/ANSI and ISO specifications, which are readily available. Accordingly, specification details are not stated here.
On a personal note, I should like to express my appreciation of my wife Susan for her patience, support, and forbearance while I labored on this book. I must also express my appreciation of the advice, comments, and enthusiastic support of my many friends and colleagues.
They are too many to mention here, but they know who they are and their input is greatly appreciated.

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