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Deja Review Family Medicine

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Family Medicine is challenging and unique because of the broad range of subjects it covers. No book can teach you everything about family medicine, so our intent is to help you identify and learn about the most commonly encountered clinical scenarios in our field, the subjects on which you are most likely to be tested. We recommend browsing the sections at the beginning of the rotation and identifying your strengths and weaknesses. It will give you a good idea of what subject areas to focus on with your preceptor during your rotation. As you become comfortable with certain topics, find the appropriate chapter and test your knowledge. We recommend reading the professional association summaries on hypertension (JNC7), hypercholesterolemia (ATP III), and diabetes (ADA Clinical Practice Recommendations) as early as you can during your rotation. We also recommend using the American Academy of Family Practitioners and United States Preventive Services Task Force websites as key family medicine references.

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