Crash Course Psychiatry 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course Psychiatry 4th Edition PDF

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Just starting psychiatry? What are all these weird symptoms and wacky questions? Why isn’t there a blood test for schizophrenia? Why is it ever acceptable to give patients treatment they don’t want? As junior doctors who qualified four and six years ago we well remember how difficult and confusing psychiatry felt as medical students. Your hard-won knowledge of blood tests, ECGs and X-rays is still required but not sufficient to do psychiatry. Instead, what you yourself discover through observing and communicating with patients is what matters, and for that you need to enhance your clinical skills. You have to learn about bizarre symptoms which are hard for you to describe, let alone your patients. You have to train your observation skills to include a patient’s mental state, not just their physical signs. You have to learn how to comfortably ask deeply personal questions and learn to tolerate hearing about the seemingly infinite capacity of humans to hurt each other.
We hope this book will bring clarity to this confusion by guiding you down paths of systematic assessments, rational diagnoses and evidence based management plans. We’ve worked hard to always get down to the ‘clinical bottom line’, with lots of practical tips, but we hope also to spark your interest in some of the new neuroscientific findings in psychiatry.

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