Crash Course Pathology 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course Pathology 4th Edition PDF

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My predecessor, Prof Rosemary Walker did an excellent job in steering this incredibly comprehensive short text through several editions, providing a very good background to all aspects of pathology and their relevance to clinical medicine. Reflecting this Advisor’s special interest, the text has been further revised and updated in several areas where there is progress, confusion and complexity: pregnancy-associated diseases, sickle cell disease, HIV and AIDS, leprosy, systemic sepsis, and infectious diseases in general. The classical areas of cancer and circulatory diseases have also been discretely amended to reflect current thinking where it matters. If all medical students knew most of what is in this text, with its appropriate organisation of knowledge, teachers could sleep more easily and the quality of diagnostic problem-solving among young doctors would be significantly improved. It will certainly help you in all aspects of your medical course. Special thanks and acknowledgement should also go to Philip Xiu for his work on the new edition.

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