Crash Course Metabolism and Nutrition 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course Metabolism and Nutrition 4th Edition PDF

8.86 MB PDF


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Being a medical student is great but I know from experience the hard work involved; as a result, I advise using all tools you can  find to make learning easier. . . including this book (as part of a vital survival strategy). This Crash Course aims to concisely bridge together core facts you need to know on nutrition and metabolism with relevant clinical scenarios.
The 4th edition of this book has been enhanced structurally and expanded clinically. The figures and text have been condensed, clarified and improved wherever possible. The aim has been to enhance your learning potential, while providing relevant, concisely presented, in-depth ‘need to know’ knowledge.
Finally, as I strongly believe that nutrition has an important role in life and medical practice, I hope you will find this book not only useful, user-friendly and informative for your exams, but also inspiring and applicable in your future clinical practice.

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