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Crash Course Medical Ethics and Sociology 2nd Edition PDF

Crash Course Medical Ethics and Sociology 2nd Edition PDF

Crash Course Medical Ethics and Sociology 2nd Edition PDF

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Ethics and sociology as applied to medicine can sometimes appear isolated and unimportant in a crowded curriculum. These subjects, however, are important, not just because they contribute towards qualification as a doctor (they are tested in exams), but because they influence the practice of medicine itself. Medical students cannot hope to experience every dilemma first hand, or to spend time with every single kind of clinician or every single kind of patient. But medical students and junior doctors are expected to deal with new and problematic clinical situations in a reasoned and professional way, whether this is in a clinical examination or a clinic.
There are several ways that medical students (in the UK at least) can experience ethics and sociology. Lectures, self-selected components and intercalated degrees provide opportunities to learn. There has to be a point to learning, however, and as a medical student, a doctor and more recently, as a teacher and OSCE examiner, I have seen the concepts in this book are often tested, whether in extended matching questions and OSCEs, or out in the real world of clinical practice.
This second edition has been extensively revised. Not only have many of the sections been updated, but the book also contains a complete set of practice questions. The ethics and law sections take into account the revised core curriculum in Medical Ethics and Law. The book is written to be used as a revision guide and a springboard to further reading and discussion. Every chapter contains suggestions for further reading. There is a ‘health warning’ that comes with this book, however. While every effort has been made to bring the book up-to-date, laws will change, and like all other disciplines, ethics and sociology are always updating their ideas. If something does not appear to make sense, then do look it up in the most current text you can find, or search online.

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