Crash Course General Medicine 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course General Medicine 4th Edition PDF

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The last five to ten years have seen many exciting discoveries and developments in medicine. Some of these have remained in the laboratory and have not yet filtered their way through to clinical medicine, but in other areas the fruits of research are plainly obvious; take, for instance, the incredible proliferation of monoclonal antibodies that are now available to treat a wide range of conditions. The growth of evidence-based medicine has provided a vast database to draw on, which is often distilled into guidelines such as those provided by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE). Furthermore, this evidence has led to a plethora of scoring systems used to calculate risk and to aid treatment. However, what must be remembered is that taking an accurate history, being able to trust your examination findings and communicating well with patients remain of the utmost importance.
The ever-increasing depth of knowledge has led to even greater specialization, and the volume of material is often daunting. In this edition we have tried to include developments from the last few years without becoming too absorbed by minutiae. Where guidelines are available we have included them in the further reading section, so that more detail can be found if required. In addition we have included some of the more recent review papers written in the major journals. The practice exam questions should be enjoyable as well as testing, and we hope that this book will serve students well as a revision guide from the start of
their studies to the end.

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