Crash Course Foundation Doctors Guide to Medicine and Surgery 2nd Edition PDF

Crash Course Foundation Doctors Guide to Medicine and Surgery

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The world of medical training moves on, and to reflect these changes, a new edition of this Crash Course guide is required. The traditional House Officer year is now a 2-year Foundation programme with an expanded syllabus and exposure to many more specialities. Fundamentally, however, the challenges remain the same as they always have been: working in new environments; collaborating with new colleagues and facing up to new clinical responsibilities. All of these are terrifying and thrilling in equal measure, though the balance tends to favour the former initially!
Our aim is that this new edition of our ‘survival guide’ continues to provide the support and advice of its predecessor. To reflect the brave new world, there is a new chapter on the Foundation years, as well as updated chapters on medical and surgical emergencies to incorporate current guidelines, as well as an enhanced chapter on ECG interpretation. As we have said previously, the information provided here is almost certainly not new, but merely a reminder of knowledge that is already there but just needs a little prompt in times of stress.

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