Crash Course Endocrinology 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course Endocrinology 4th Edition PDF

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The point of a medical textbook is to deliver clear and concise information on a specific field of medicine that is also clinically relevant. This new Crash Course Edition has been revised to focus more clearly on the topic of endocrinology and link the physiology to the disease processes in a more refined manner. The information on specific and highly relevant conditions, particularly diabetes, has been increased and the latest guidelines on management have been added. Other marked differences in this edition are also the removal of the excess of information on reproductive medicine and a change from MCQs and SAQs to the new Single Best Answer Questions, which are becoming more widely used by medical schools.
My hope is that this book will be of use to those beginning their medical education for forming the knowledge base that they will need in medicine, while being a revision tool for those who are already further along in the process.

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