Crash Course Anatomy 4th Edition PDF

Crash Course Anatomy 4th Edition PDF

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Learning anatomy often feels like learning a new language. At the moment you may feel learning is mostly about passing exams. Exams are important, but there is something more important. In the not too distant future you will be a doctor and knowledge of anatomy will be invaluable in almost every interaction you have with patients. A good knowledge of anatomy is, in some ways, like having X-ray vision. The baby you are about to vaccinate – how will you know what lies beneath the area you are about to inject? The man who comes into A&E having cut his hand with a saw – why can’t he bend his fingers? The woman with abdominal pain – why does she feel pain where she does? Learning anatomy can seem daunting, especially in the early stages, but it is important to remember that whilst a good knowledge of anatomy will be invaluable to you as a doctor, your knowledge will also be important to your future patients who will put their trust in you to care for them.
The Fourth Edition of this book contains a concise but detailed coverage of the topic. In this new edition, the importance of a good knowledge of anatomy and its relationship to clinical medicine is clear. The hints and tips boxes and clinical boxes provide an understanding of why you are learning what you are learning. New sections on radiology highlight the importance of CT and MRI scanning in medicine, and provide an introduction to interpreting what can often be complex images. The final section of the book contains best-of-five questions and 100 extended matching questions to reinforce your knowledge and allow you to think about anatomy as it relates to medicine. I hope that this book helps you to not only improve your knowledge and understanding, but to appreciate the importance of anatomy in the practice of clinical medicine.

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