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Core Anatomy Illustrated PDF

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Since the early 1990s, major changes have taken place in the way human anatomy is taught within educational institutions throughout the world.
Essentially these changes may be attributed to the fact that much of the new and exciting, ground breaking research in topographical anatomy was done two hundred to four hundred years ago. Anatomists have moved away from dedicated gross anatomical research and teaching roles towards the scientific disciplines of genetics or cellular, molecular and neuro-biology, and development. This wealth of new knowledge that is equally essential to the effective practice of any health professional, has led to a substantial reduction in course curricula hours dedicated to the learning of anatomy.
In parallel, there has been a long over due re-appraisal of teaching and learning methodology culminating in an unfortunate and widespread abandonment of practical, cadaver dissection classes in favour of the use of prosections, but with the exciting inclusion of small-group and problem-solving tutorials, or interactive multimedia computer-aided learning. Medical and paramedical education must no longer be divided into undergraduate and postgraduate sections, but seen as a continuum which builds and reinforces knowledge as it is required in practice.
The mainstay of these educational developments has been the notion of ‘core’ courses, usually supplemented by additional, student-selected course components. ‘Core’ is considered to be a course content offering the most essential, relevant basic knowledge required for safe practice. However, ‘core’ is open to interpretation and opinion, from institution to institution, and between different academics. Consequently, with our combined experience of teaching and assessing gross human anatomy, and of providing highly detailed anatomical material for both practical classes and museum study, we have created this book of what we consider to be ‘core anatomy’: the relevant, basic but essential, anatomy required for safe, effective clinical practice, whether as a student or as a junior, postgraduate trainee.
The book intends to be brief, concise and very much to the point. Although the text contains only the anatomy that is felt to be functionally or clinically important, it is at sufficient depth to facilitate understanding and, therefore, deeper learning. Its concentration may be overwhelming to the first-time reader, but its aim is to review anatomy in preparation for all aspects of clinical work. The content has been designed to fit with, and relate to the spread of illustrations opposite. Therefore it follows a tight regional and ‘visible’ pattern that may appear at odds with a more systemic or systematic approach.
We hope the book will be well used and enjoyed. It is not ‘set in stone’, we expect the debate on ‘core’ to continue and look forward to comments from our anatomy colleagues on what we should have left out, and what we should have included. We will listen to, and take heed of these, but hope that our efforts overall are seen to be contributing a positive move towards supporting and continuing the teaching of human gross anatomy.

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