Complications in Anesthesiology 4th Edition PDF

Complications in Anesthesiology 4th Edition PDF

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When the idea of another text addressing ‘‘Complications in Anesthesiology’’ was first entertained, the main consideration was why this book should be written. After all, the practice of anesthesia and perioperative medicine is safer in the 21st century than in any other period in history. Nevertheless, despite advances in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, complications still occur, and medical malpractice following such complications continues to be a problem. Moreover, some complications continue to challenge physicians despite a reasonable understanding of the pathophysiology (e.g., perioperative myocardial infarction), whereas others previously considered uncommon (e.g., postoperative cognitive dysfunction, ischemic optic neuropathy) now have attracted widespread attention.
In a previous textbook (1996), we remarked on the substantial investment of time and effort in the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ reports of Closed Claims Studies. These reports continue to the present and have done much to elucidate the mechanisms by which many adverse events occur and how (perhaps) they may be avoided. Much of the information that has been forthcoming is summarized in several chapters contained herein.

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