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Dental Hygiene

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The training and practice of dental hygiene and dental therapy has now become closely interconnected. This is particularly so since most training programmes have developed integrated courses and the changes in legislation have permitted an expansion in the remit of both hygienists and therapists. This book has therefore been written not only for students but also as a revision and updating manual for practising hygienists and therapists. Each chapter has been written by experts in their field who have demonstrated their commitment to continuing professional development. The authors include a significant contribution from both hygienists and therapists who have had extensive experience in both teaching and clinical practice.
In this book we have attempted broadly to cover the syllabus for hygiene and therapy as defined by the General Dental Council using a multi-author approach. This inevitably leads to some subject overlap, variation in emphasis and differences in clinical opinion and interpretation. Overlap has been avoided where possible although some remains to minimise the requirement for the reader to be directed to different sections of the book with some consequent loss of continuity of study. Some difference in clinical opinion is inevitable and not necessarily undesirable where the evidence-based research is limited or absent and the author’s opinion is based on clinical experience. Where recent research is cited, references are given so that the interested reader can delve a little deeper. In order to make the book a manageable size, it has not been possible to go into great depth in all subject areas and therefore at the end of each chapter the reader is directed to further texts which the authors consider to be valuable supplementary reading.
At the end of each chapter there is a self assessment section containing both short answer and multiple choice questions (together with appropriate answers) which relate to the contents of each chapter.

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