A Clinical Guide to Endodontics PDF

A Clinical Guide to Endodontics PDF

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The British Dental Journal’s (BDJ) series and subsequent textbook A clinical guide to endodontics was written and subjected to editorial review during 2002-3, being published as a book in November 2004. The book replaced the BDJ’s previous endodontic textbook, Stock and Nehammer’s Endodontics in practice, published in 1990, and considered the changes in endodontic concepts and clinical practice in the intervening thirteen years. The Editor-in-Chief of the BDJ, Dr Stephen Hancocks, has suggested that it might now be appropriate to review what further developments have taken place in endodontic practice over the last five years. It is, of course, essential that today’s practitioner keeps up to date with current teaching and practice. Some changes may be minor while some may have a significant impact on practice. For example, the philosophy of the prescription of prophylactic antibiotic therapy for patients with a history of rheumatic heart fever has changed completely since the textbook was published. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines1 now suggest that such cover is not indicated and the long-established practice should be discontinued as research has clearly shown the theoretical benefits (if there ever were any) are significantly less than the potential risks.

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