Clinical Cases Uncovered Respiratory Medicine PDF

Clinical Cases Uncovered Respiratory Medicine PDF

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Medicine is a mass of facts and complex science, which can be dull and indigestible. It is brought to life by patients with their individual stories, clinical mysteries and their need for help. Medicine is probably best learnt through clinical experience backed up by information and reflection. However in modern medical practice there is often too much to do and too little time for consideration.
This book is one of the first in a novel series that allows the reader to experience a virtual clinical attachment with enough time for reflection and teaching. Patients are described as they really present to hospital or general practice. The clinical reasoning required to explain symptoms and signs, order and interpret investigations and start management is demonstrated as the case develops. Relevant science is described in context to support understanding and patients are managed according to current guidelines. This format will allow the reader to develop knowledge and skills that are immediately useful for patient management, rather than to accumulate facts that need a lot more work to translate them into practice.
Twenty nine patients with respiratory disease are presented in the book, providing experience of the full breadth of adult respiratory medicine. We have chosen these cases as they are common problems that will be encountered at some point by all doctors in clinical practice, no matter what field they end up in. Many questions used to explore the cases are real questions posed by students during our teaching sessions and the answers are the end product of many attempts to answer these questions satisfactorily. As experienced examiners we have ensured that material covered in this book is sufficient for students to pass respiratory sections of undergraduate or general postgraduate exams. This book will also be a useful aid to practice for junior doctors and allied health professionals looking after patients with respiratory disease and as basic revision for doctors entering specialist respiratory training.
We have written the text book that we would have liked to use to learn respiratory medicine. If we were starting again we would begin with the patients, attempting to answer the questions posed throughout the cases alone or in groups before reading the written answers and relevant science. During relevant clinical attachments we would use the book to update clinical skills and practice OSCE checklists. In preparation for exams we would revise case summaries and key points and practice the self assessment questions. We hope you will enjoy using it and that it will help you understand respiratory medicine for the benefit of patients.

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