Clinical Cases Uncovered Radiology PDF

Clinical Cases Uncovered Radiology PDF

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Radiology, unlike many other specialties in medicine, cannot be studied in isolation. In determining what investigation is most appropriate, one needs to appreciate what the clinical problem is, what the potential causes are and what other comorbidities the patient has. To interpret an investigation, one needs to understand anatomy, physiology and pathology. Technological advances in radiology over the past decades have revolutionized the management of patients in all branches of medicine. Many medical and surgical specialties rely upon the radiologist to make the diagnosis, assess response to therapy and identify any complications that may arise.
This textbook is divided in to three sections. The first section gives the core information for the reader to understand radiological principles, with an explanation of common terminology and techniques, the use of contrast media within radiology and the risks associated with ionizing radiation. The second part of the book is devoted to clinical cases. In reading through these, the reader will be set a clinical scenario and be challenged in how they might investigate such a case, their interpretation of clinical and radiological findings and their management of these findings. The cases vary in difficulty and style according to the conditions being discussed, but the case – based question and answer scheme is constant. At the end of each case, there is a review and a summary of the key points. The final section is for self – assessment: 30 multiple choice questions, 10 structured answer questions and 10 extended matching questions all designed to test the reader ’ s understanding of radiology and, more importantly, its applications in a range of clinical scenarios.
The purpose of this book is not to make the reader in to a competent radiologist or to simply supply them with a list of facts and differential diagnoses. The aim is to engage the reader in real – life clinical scenarios, to begin to understand how and when to investigate patients, and to develop an approach to looking at radiological images. Furthermore, this book will serve as a review of many commonly encountered conditions and their radiological appearances.

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