Clinical Cases Uncovered Hepatology PDF

Clinical Cases Uncovered Hepatology PDF

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Welcome to Clinical Cases Uncovered: Hepatology . We have tried to create a book that is informative, interesting and relevant to everyday clinical practice. The strength of this book, like others in the series, is that we use real clinical cases to illustrate liver disease, highlighting the anatomical, physiological and pathological basis behind each case. We hope the reader will appreciate some of the nuances of the clinical management of liver disease that are often not documented in traditional textbooks but which we have tried to highlight through these cases. The cases themselves come directly from our personal clinical practice from a variety of settings including busy district general hospitals, teaching hospitals and liver transplant centres. We are grateful to our previous teachers and mentors who have inspired us and hope that we can share their enthusiasm and wisdom with you.
Hepatology is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday clinical practice. The incidence of liver disease has risen at an exponential rate over the last 30 years, due to a mixture of alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis. Most general medicine takes encounter patients with liver disease, and every general practice will care for several such patients.
Hepatology is not a ‘ dark art ’ , nor is it solely a postgraduate topic, but rather it is a fascinating subject that affects many other body systems including the heart, lungs, kidneys and brain. The principles of successful management of patients with acute liver disease are common to the management of any acutely unwell patient.
We have thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and hope that not only will it increase your knowledge and confidence in dealing with liver disease, but that it will also be a highly stimulating journey.

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