Clinical Cases Uncovered General Practice PDF

Clinical Cases Uncovered General Practice PDF

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We wrote this book to encourage individuals to learn about general practice in a challenging and stimulating way. Collectively, we have many years experience in the specialty and understand the complexity involved in dealing with patients in the community. People often do not fit the textbook descriptions of disease, and management of their clinical problems is a constant challenge. Our aim is to introduce ‘real life’ characters, with an array of medical, psychological and social problems. Not every case has a final or happy resolution, which reflects the reality of dealing with individuals with multiple concerns and varying medical conditions.
The book is organized into 36 cases which represent many of the common problems that GPs see. You will notice different styles and approaches in the writing, reflecting the authors’ personalities, as well as the variety of patients who turn up at the surgery. We are well aware that due to lack of space and time, some patient scenarios are missing, including those which involve severe psychiatric problems and people with special needs. Despite that, we think the individuals presented here illustrate many of the types of people and conditions that GPs deal with on an everyday basis.
As each patient story progresses, new information or questions are presented that invite the student to solve the problem, make a differential diagnosis and think what they would do next. The reader’s clinical knowledge and judgement are tested, as well as their common sense. The case summary and key points section discuss the latest evidence and point to further reading. A self assessment section relating to the cases is included at the end of the book to reinforce the factual information presented.
This book is aimed at senior medical students and junior doctors who are entering general practice as part of their training. We hope they will enjoy this book as an introduction to the huge variety of patients they will see in the community and appreciate the holistic approach taken by GPs, which is reflected in the text.
We would like to thank all our patients and colleagues who enabled us to gain unique experience and enjoy the challenge of practicing the ‘art of medicine’ in the general practice setting.

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